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Thursday, August 18, 2005

Joe Ranft (1960-2005)


Joe Ranft, one of the most beloved, talented and inspirational people I have ever met, died in a car accident on Tuesday. He was a great friend, teacher, artist...there are so many great qualities he had, it is impossible to list them all. Joe was the heart and soul of the story department and of Pixar. In my mind he was the King of Story, the one who presided over all of us with his leadership, guidance, support, and talent, none of which ever went to his head. He was a unifier, a motivator, always positive and supportive. He was totally comfortable being the boss as well as one of the guys. He helped to nurture those who were just starting out and brought to Pixar many who were to become our top talents. We owe so much to Joe. He will be sorely missed. My thoughts go out to his friends and family.

Read what Ronnie Del Carmen and many others had to say about Joe on Ronnie's blog.


Luxo Jr. said...

Hear Hear! He will be sadly missed.

ThatDarnViking said...

Oh god Ted, I am so sorry.
I mostly know Joe by awed reputation through his brother, whom I love very dearly. I have only met Joe a little and the last time was at Dan Lees extremely lovely send off at PIXAR. That's when I saw you last too. (Me: blue suit, bald head...funky tie. scravagging along behind Mark and Liz.) This is just so terrible. Because he inspired so many people and never seemed to let his work get cynical.
I pray for you folks to have strength to get through this time and to remember him as a member of a very special family that made people everywhere very happy.
---Eric Hedman

Jamie Baker said...

It's just the worst worst news... I can't think about anything else.

John Nevarez said...


Nice words regarding Joe. He was such an inspiration to me. His work was so simple, yet so beautiful and moving. I was lucky enough to meet him about a year and a half ago and as folks have described, he was 'a gentle giant'; friendly, gracious and right away someone you wanted to work for. Consider yourself one of the lucky few who was able to work side-by-side with such a talent. I'm sure you and the many Pixar folk with carry the torch with brilliance,


Javier said...

Losing any Pixar memeber it´s just horrible. The fact that the world has lost Joe Ranft its just sad, unfair, sensless. Blesses to ya´Joe. Love and my best wishes to his family and friends.

World is much more sad without one of the men that has made us much more happy through this years.

jon said...

today my daughter put on DVD of finding nemo and thought i show her the people who did the voices. when i put in joe ranft i could not believe he had died.

he was such a talent and loved him in all the pixar films. i am a artist myself dfoing cartoons and feel inspired by all the work he did. and i am 4 years late in realising he died. god bless hima dn his family. a talent gone to soon.
to all that knew i can imagine all of you have lost a good friend but to us fans and admires a telent taken too soon.
jonathan weerasinghe