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Friday, August 05, 2005

Review from the Nashville City Paper

Here's another review of the book, this one written by Wil Moss. Check out his other reviews (including E-Ville Press books Afterworks and Colossus) here

Rose and Isabel
By Ted Mathot
(E-Ville Press)

Rose and Isabel is a terrific comic from another Pixar animator, Ted Mathot, about two strong sisters who go in search of their brothers during the Civil War.

Mathot's got a great concept here, and talent to spare. His art style is similar to Jeff Smith, and he does a good job providing distinct looking characters in a large cast.

A family in the part of Virginia that stayed with the Union is divided when its three sons go off to join the Federal Army. They write letters home once a week, but several years into the war the letters stop coming. Sisters Rose and Isabel, raised to be strong and independent by their father, cast off to find their brothers and bring them home.

The point where Rose and Isabel take town a squad of Confederate troops Lone Wolf & Cub-style stretches the limits of credibility, but it's a great action sequence and Mathot develops the girls' backstory enough to make it plausible.

There's a nice sketchbook section in the back that shows the evolution of the book's concept and characters. Overall, Rose and Isabel is a confident, strong debut comic - it's just a shame the second part won't be out until next year.

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Luxo Jr. said...

Wow! Thats a good review! I am now more envious then ever to get my hands on a copy of Rose and Isabel. *keeps saving*