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Wednesday, October 26, 2005


The Encyclopedia of Amazons by Jessica Amanda Salmonson

Some of you may have noticed this book written up in the Sources section of Rose and Isabel. It's one of the coolest books I've come across in a while; packed with a thousand female warriors, both mythical and real, with descriptions of all of them. This book was the main source material for the Prologue of R&I. It's out of print, but shouldn't be too hard to track down. Below are two versions of the cover.

An excerpt:


"Hangaku-jo was an especially famed Amazon in the battle between Yoshinaka and Taira in norhtern Echizen province. When Moritzuna's stockade was attacked in 1201, his dutiful daughter held one gate single-handedly against a horde, fully armored and armed with swords. She was a noted archer, able to hit a target one hundred times in succession, exceeding in skill both her brother and father. She hurried atop the stockade from whence she fired arrows at the attacking army, piercing their heads and chests and killing their horses."

My rendition, from an earlier version of Rose and Isabel:
(Here she is wielding a naginata, a Japanese weapon used primarily by women.)


Luxo Jr. said...

Woah! Cool Pic Ted!! I did like the other one of her in Rose and Isabel firing arrows! All the other Amazon's you have drawn are cool! Keep it up!

The Moth said...

Very awesome.

Anonymous said...

how did you get this book?

TSM said...

I got it used from Barnes and Noble's website. You can order it here