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Monday, October 17, 2005

RI2 Update

Hi folks, Rose and Isabel 2 has been moving along at a slow, yet steady pace. Things at the day gig have been getting considerably busier (as well as preproduction on the Afterworks Two anthology), thus limiting my time on the new book. I had been planning for part two to debut at APE 2006 in SF, but that deadline appears to be slipping through my fingers. I want the book to deliver what everyone is hoping for, so it will still be twice the size of book one (128 pages) and will be mostly story, with a small sketchbook section and a gallery section. I don't want to rush the book or make it shorter in order to hit the deadline, so most likely it will be released later than expected. I'll continue to post updates as I make my way towards what I hope to be a very satisfying conclusion to the Rose and Isabel story.


Luxo Jr. said...

Well you know what they say Ted, Slow and Steady wins the race. I think me personally could wait just a little longer just so the comic is better.

Well i hope you have fun doing it also. Thats the main thing.

Dik Pose said...

Rock on Ted, I can wait a bit more for a better book...just keep teasing us with pin ups and such, so we dont get bored :)

Monkeyfeather said...

It will be worth the wait.