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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

This day in the Civil War

Tuesday Oct. 25 1864

It had taken more than a day to get in gear, but once the Federal armies who had broken Sterling Price’s Confederate army in the Battle of Westport got serious about pursuit, things rapidly got fierce again. Today Gen. Alfred Pleasanton’s cavalry lined up for a charge and hit the fleeing wagon trains near the confluence of the Marais des Cygnes and Mine Creeks. Two defending divisions broke, but soon Shelby’s men came up in support. They held for awhile on a line at the Little Osage River, allowing more of the wagons to escape, but the forces opposing them were just too strong. Price bitterly burned about a third of the wagons, and pressed the remainder south at as fast a pace as could be managed.

(from Civil War Interactive)


Luxo Jr. said...

Wow 141 years ago. Its seems a long time ago but in relation to other things its not.

I'd love to learn more about the civil war as don't learn practically anything about it here in Australia. Its set during the civil war and i loved Dances with Wolves. Great movie. I'll have to keep looking into it the civil war.

Rob A. said...

I love the " this day in history ". It really gives us a small emotional connection to events in the past. Thoughts like was the weather the same on that day as now? How tired were they? Helps put humanity to history.