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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

A Work in Progress

This is a first pass rough after the initial layout with some basic tones. Dialogue withheld to prevent spoilage.


The Moth said...


What a great blog! You may interested in an exciting new offer from themoth.com, starting at the low low price of -- psyche! Just wanted to fake you out with one of those spam comments.

Frickin' great looking artwork once again -- great poses & rendering. I especially like the hair detail on the fifth panel. Very inspiring work.


Luxo Jr. said...

WOW! Looking good Ted!

Sorta looks like a flashback to me, but it probably isn't.

I'm soo excited about getting my copy of Rose and Isabel, then i will be super exicted about getting Rose and Isabel 2!

Keep up the good work!

Nick Sung said...

Really nice Ted-
Really really awesome.
Can't wait to read it!

Rob A. said...

I really enjoy seeing well executed composition on a comic page. You get the real sense of drama going on here. I hope you can get it done for APE. And if not there is always COMIC CON!

J said...

It seems that with R&I 2, you're pushing mood further than in the first one. From the images so far from book 2, it looks like you have something really interesting on your hands. Looking forward to seeing it. Great work.

Dik Pose said...

Exciting!!...thanks for not spoiling it...

Yaxin said...

your "ruff", line wise could be a very interesting "final" style.
great blog :D)))