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Monday, December 19, 2005

Happy Holidays

Rose and Isabel will be going on a short hiatus and will return in the New Year. Happy Holidays to all!

And on this day in the Civil War:

Monday Dec. 19 1864

It was a strange time for the men of the army William T. Sherman had led from Atlanta to the Sea. It had been a long march, and not the first, and although pitched battles had been relatively uncommon, the sniping and stray shots from behind rocks and trees had never completely stopped. Now they had reached the ocean, which many of them had never seen, and a few days rest allowed exploration of this new wonder and its creatures. Every camp was experimenting with the uses of oysters--oyster soup, oyster stew, oysters fried, roasted, and raw on the half-shell. Although hardly unknown, to inlanders they were the legendary repast of the rich. When no one could stand more oysters, they were used as stuffing for roast goose.

(Quoted from Civil War Interactive)


Luxo Jr. said...

Merry Christmas to you also Ted. Nice to see Rose and Isabel in the christmas spirit.

The Moth said...

Maybe they'll get new officer's uniforms from Father Christmas! See you in '06!

The Moth

Tonin said...

Happy holidays to you too !
See ya in 2006 for more Rose and Isabel adventures !

Justin Ridge said...

Merry Christmas Ted! Hopefully I'll see you soon in the Bay Area!