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Wednesday, April 19, 2006


33 days, 35 pages to go. Conomor and Tryphine story for Afterworks 2 still only half roughed out. Life now officially on hold, but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Getting close...


Anonymous said...

Hey Ted,

These two panels are great. I like the intent in the eyes of both Isabel and Rose. Also, I like shadow effects of the leaves.

Also, from your comment below, I like how you worked the "Amazon" references in the story. It would have taken time in developing the characters from novice killers to warriors. But, with the Amazon references, there was a seamless transition from home body sisters to warriors.

Lastly, in my work profession, I am program manager in engineering development. Sometimes, it is burn out continously chasing down problems and keeping the project on schedule. Your work is inspirational. I find your posts very interesting and insightful to the creative process. It is like brain food. If I bumped into you, I want to buy you a cup of Joe or a beer.

Best regards,


Dik Pose said...

Go Ted GO!!!!!!

TSM said...

Charles - Thaks for your comments. I'm really focusing on eyes in the book and I'm trying to give the characters expressions that represent multiple emotions. As we all know, our expressions are rarely singular; they are layered and complex. Of course there will be singluar moments of anger, rage, sadness, etc, but the layered ones are the most difficult; I hope they come across.

Im glad you find the posts inspiring!

Dik - thanks!.... let's see more Viking drawings!

Mike Thompson said...

Keep on keeping on, Ted! I admire your ability to set goals and achieve them.

Monkeyfeather said...

Looks Great Ted. Wow, you can see the light, but that's gonna be a long tunnel. The art is inspiring, but your dedication to the project is even more inspiring. Keep it up, it looks SO GOOD!

Angelo said...

whoowww the first panel is Perfect.. just ammazing
congratulation nice art work