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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Updates on R&I and AW2

21 pages and 26 days to go on R&I 2...14 pages since last week...I'm pretty happy with that (and among them are some of my favorites in the book). Can't show any (sorry) cause that would give away TOO MUCH! This was the section that had been on the chopping block and saved from extinction after conversations with friends and co-workers.

Pin-ups are also rolling in; amongst them are interpretations from Scott Morse, Ovi Nedelcu, Justin Ridge, and Sam Hiti.

Stories are also being turned in for the upcoming Afterworks 2 anthology (to be published by IMAGE Comics) and they are fantastic. What an awesome book it's going to be. Check out the press release here.


Mike Thompson said...

The end is in sight. Keep at it, Ted! Congrats!

Dik Pose said...

Keep rockin...

J said...

Go Ted!