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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Conomor and Tryphine - Learning Curve

Doing comics has taught me a lot over the past 18 months. The Conomor and Tryphine story is just the third piece of sequential art (not including storyboards) that I've done. The story has been a real challenge since it's the first time I've used color in recent years, and the first time in a comic. Pacing it has also been a challenge, since the story needs to be told in 11 pages (with a time frame of 2 weeks to complete).

In a way it's an exercise; I ask myself, can I do this in 11 pages? Can I do it in color? Can I get it done in 2 weeks? It's not really a matter of yes or no, but about putting oneself to the test, seeing what happens, and leaning a lot in the process. For some reason I'm finding this project considerably more difficult than Rose and Isabel; I just haven't gotten into a relaxed and comfortable zone yet. But such is the way with new endeavors.

Every now and then I come up with a panel that I like.


Nick Sung said...

I like that panel too, Ted.
Congrats on pushing yourself into difficult territory; there's nothing like trial by fire to explore-and hopefully expand-your limits.

MT said...

:) Good luck, Ted. Nothing like a little pressure.

What you've shown so far looks great, you make it look easy and its not.

MANDREWS said...

JUST DO IT!!!!!!!!! You totally bring it man- even when its tough. you've got amazing skills dude. and the cool thing is, is that you're becoming disciplined. Now you can do whatever you want.

keep on rocking man, you insipre me.

Mandrews out

Rob A. said...

That looks awesome! This is going to be a great book!

Justin Ridge said...

You're an inspiration to us all!! How do you do it?

Dik Pose said...

Great Panel... Rock on man!