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Monday, September 11, 2006

Full Length Liz

Well, it appears I won't have CORA done for next year's con, so after being very inspired by Kevin Dart and Chris Turnham's work back in July, I'm thinking of generating Rose and Isabel prints based on the story, or perhaps prints of Amazons or something like that.

Here is the full length Liz Caster (I'm not sure what she's doing with her hands yet) that may eventually make its way onto some nice cold press watercolor paper for next year.


Luxo Jr. said...

Nice Ted! Thanks for sharing!

Jamie Baker said...

how come you are already so sure you wont have it done by Creator con?

TSM said...

Because it is an absolute beast-- multiple storylines, many character arcs, lots of flashbacks, arg. it's just nasty from a storytelling point of view and it's going to take me a while to figure it all out. Plus its in color.


MANDREWS said...

a sword she should be holding a calvary saber or court sword in her hand...YEAH BABY!

so what are you gonna do for CON instead? A little 40 pg sci fi epic????

Mandrews out

Jamie Baker said...

maybe you could just do one little piece of it? one of the flashbacks or just one of the story arcs?

Just break off a do-able piece for starters?

Rob A. said...

It sounds like it will be worth the wait dude! I really like her pose. I've become addicted to Deadwood and now can't get enough of the old west!