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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Rose and isabel - Deleted scene #2

Here's another one that didn't make it past the layout stage. This was to take place two days prior to the Andersonville attack. The page was cut because after drawing it I realized I didn't want to give away the details of the attack; originally I was going to have R&I's planned attack go wrong and they would have to improvise. I felt the preparation for the attack would have slowed the pacing down, so I left out the planning stage and just went with a straightforward attack.

(Those who are extra sharp may have noticed that I forgot to change the date of the attack in the book; it should be August 19th, but because of the story change the date was mistakenly left as August 20th).


andy said...

This is awesome to see these, both to get a look at what wasn't to be, as well as what's involved in the process. Thanks for sharing Ted!

Luxo Jr. said...

Thanks Ted once again! Awesome stuff.