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Monday, October 30, 2006

Rose Out West

First sketch of her Wild West look done back in March of 06. I'm going back to her long haired self for the new book.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Rough Rough Rough

Well the title says it all, here are very rough versions of the first 3 pages of Cora, a follow-up to Rose and Isabel. I have left the pages in preliminary gray tones to help me with the values before going to the color stage later on. The opening of the book will tell the story of Lilith to set her up for her role in Rose and Isabel's world. Most of this is temp, and may change later on.

You can read more about Lilith here.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

story changes

Alert! Spoilers below (for those who haven't read the books):

Here are layout, rough and final pages from Part 2. In the actual book (bottom page) Rose is threatening the Union officer with her sword, but it wasn't always that way. Having found the gun in the beginning of part 2, I was anxious for Rose to use it in a threatening manner in order to begin the rift that would eventually happen between her and Isabel.

After I drew the confrontation that comes later in the book where Rose threatens Izzy with the gun, I felt that the scene would lose its power if Rose had done the same thing previously, so the scene below was changed to the sword.

Changes from a visual standpoint occur between the layout and rough. Panel 2 was changed to a lower angle to increase drama. Panel 4 was a closer shot to increase tension. Panel 5 was drawn from a lower angle and also split in half by the tentpole to show the division between Rose and the authority figure. Her sword crosses that line, into what would later be deemed unacceptable behavior by Isabel.