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Monday, January 15, 2007


As I'm laying out and roughing the pages for CORA, I'm trying to get some sort of preliminary color down as well. I'm a big fan of Dave Stewart's work and the use of color in European comics so I'm using those as inspiration as well as theories I've picked up on over the years (I love complementaries next to each other). I'm going for simplification but also trying to make sophisticated color choices (especially if the scene is a subtle one).

Here are some studies from the beginning of the book.


OV! said...

these look realy cool man. dave is a master with color. ive learned a lot from him (or so i hope). he lives here in portland and is a really cool guy.
as far as subtle compliments go in those panels they are pretty subtle. is that a muted green on the guys vest/shirt?
also, this is just something i like to do, but when using compliments i try and use them in the shadows/cast shadows. for example the floor in red then a muted redish/greenish color in the shadow to pop it, subtley. tadahiro does it really well along with dave.

anyway, two cents. looks good man, cant wait to see it finished.

hey you guys hitting seattle this march?
its getting pretty big.


Monkeyfeather said...

Looking great Ted. Dave Stewart is definitely great inspiration for colour. Any specific European books you're looking at?

TSM said...

Thanks guys --

Ovi - I'll try your suggestion for the shadows. Not sure about Seattle in March, but I will be in Portland for the Platform festival.

monkey - some of the european books I'm looking at are Sevestre/Springer's VOLUNTEER , Berthet/Yann/Topaze' s PIN-UP, and Henk Kuijpers' FRANKA, among others. (Also Kiraz' stuff -- always great for color ref)

Marcos Mateu said...

This color looks beautiful. I do love it.
Are you gonna publish these stories in color then?
I've seen one of your stories before published in black and white, that's why I'm asking. I think the mood that you get in color does plus your already great drawings!

TSM said...

Thanks Marcos! The new Cora book will be an all color book.