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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Reclining Rose

Trying to post something at least once a week, so for today here is a reclining Rose sketch.
CORA is coming along very slowly but the first 30 pages of the book are starting to take shape; I'm discovering who Cora will be as a person, something that I can't do very effectively with just writing. The drawing of the pages on the fly is leading me in new and exciting directions.


Monkeyfeather said...

Nice pose Ted, she looks great. How much six shooter reference do you have? I always have trouble drawing characters with guns and make them look believable, proportionate, etc. You've done a nice job here.

TSM said...

Thanks man - While working on Rose and Isabel I became quite familiar drawing a variation of the Colt 1860 Army pistol. For the gun reference in Cora, a friend gave me an Army .45 replica to draw from (I'll be using it a lot). What a pal!

dany boom said...

cora is beautiful. the spectral, ghost like women you draw - im also thinking about teh afterworks story - are as beautiful as they are unsettling.

did you maybe answer this before ... and i missed it, but do you draw in photoshop or sketchbook or what ?

love your colors also,


TSM said...

dany - thank you for the compliments. Everything is done in photoshop. There's antoher program called Mirage, which I'm interested in and hope to try out sometime soon.

andy said...

Great pose, it feels very real and natural, plus I love how it's composed across the page, really nice :)