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Monday, February 26, 2007

Rose and Isabel go to France

Good news -- I'm in talks with a publisher to release Rose and Isabel in France. This will be the whole story all in one book and the added bonus (aside from the fact it will be translated into French) is that the book will be presented in a 2-color printing.

I'm in the process of converting all the pages to sepia, fine tuning each one as I go. The book will be around 185 pages. Many of you have asked when the book will be released as one volume and here it is. (Hopefully I'll have the US version available next year.)

This is a sample of what the book will look like (fine tuning still to come tho).

there has been some saturation loss from the conversion to web colors.


Luxo Jr. said...

Very happy for you Ted. Can't wait!

Jamie Baker said...

Congratulations! wow that is really wonderful news! No wyou get to go to ANGOULEME and hang out with all the cool-cats over there!

RoboTaeKwon-Z said...

That is AWESOME!!!!
The french do the best comic editions!! The book is going to look great!

Monkeyfeather said...

Congrats Ted, that's AWESOME!!! I'll have to get the french version, then I can compare it with my english version and brush up on my really bad french.

TSM said...

Thanks everybody! I'm really looking forward to the release (haven't read the contract yet..this is all very new to me).

Jamie - Angouleme would be great, wouldn't it!

OV! said...


this is BEAUTIFUl. nice layout!

i hate you...


Jamie Baker said...

Ted, I have wanted to go to Angouleme for years. If you go in support of your book I would finally have a good excuse!
By the way, who is the publisher? Or is that still TOP SECRET?

Congratulations again, or perhaps I should say, Felicitations!!