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Monday, June 11, 2007

Caster dancing

Liz Caster will appear in parts of the CORA book as a saloon dancer. Here is an early attempt at what she may look like.

(Liz Caster is a fictional chartacter and not intended to represent anyone living or dead; any resemblance is coincidental).


-David Poe said...

Beautiful gestural background! I love the colors, and the character clothing. A lot of the character personality comes through in this.

Rob A. said...

If that is the case why does she look like my wife?
Kidding. Great drawing. I love the playful expression on her face and the catty walk forward! Now where can I find that outfit!?

TSM said...

Thanks guys!

Rob - I decided to add that disclamer since there are some real life Liz Casters out there.

(BTW, here's a good place to start putting together your outfit. haha )

Rob A. said...

Very nice!

John S. said...

Hey Now!!! She is HOT!!! You nailed the "naughty stripper" expression. I like everything about this drawing.

Monkeyfeather said...

I like the way you draw the ladies. Nice FACA girl as well!

Marcelo Braga said...

She's alive!
Real cool, as always.

Anonymous said...


Yaxin said...

beautiful indeed ^_^

TSM said...

Thanks everyone!