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Friday, June 29, 2007

Isabel Out West

Another sketch of what she might look like.


Mike Thompson said...

Great sketch!

Monkeyfeather said...
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Monkeyfeather said...

Man, looks cool. Every image I see gets me more excited for this story

Jamie Baker said...

Ted Does ROSE ever show up in the story again?

TSM said...

Thanks guys

Jamie - there will be a lot of Rose in the new book. I'm currently writing her backstory (before and after the events which occurred in Rose and Isabel 1&2).

Check out this post for more.


PaulSketch said...

oo nice line art!! I like this character a lot

OV! said...

your work is really growing man. i love the loose and strong comps'/expressions/attitudes in your work. its like a cross between toth and eisner. something i wish i could also do and also failed at.


TSM said...

paulsketch - thanks!

ovi - that is a huge compliment - thank you! I'm trying to push myself each day (as difficult as that is sometimes). When I see the incredible work of the people around me, out there on the web and in the bookstores, I realize I need to work extra hard to keep up. Thanks for the encouragement.