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Monday, June 18, 2007

CORA update: June 07

I'm taking a step back to work on Rose's story before I continue drawing pages. The first act of the book has been roughed out (close to 60 pages) and I've been going back into it and heightening the drama and tension.

What Rose has been up to since the end of Rose and Isabel is of major importance and I realized I need to devote a larger part of the book to her than I originally thought. I'm afraid of pulling the audience away from Cora for too long because the book, although it is an ensemble piece, is mainly Cora's story.

Story is hell as they say, but I'm still enjoying these characters very much. Rose is yet again terrifying in my mind and getting more and more so as I write her. Once I figure everything out it think it'll be quite an adventure.

Here's a rough sketch of Rose on some sort of western inspired "throne".


Monkeyfeather said...

Wow, a throne huh? Man, she looks bad@$$ here. NICE!

-David Poe said...


Rob A. said...

I like it! She looks so dangerous!

Mike Thompson said...

Awesome, sketch, Ted! Looking forward to more!

TSM said...

Thanks guys! She's going to be a real terror in this one.


TikiAnimator73 said...

Awesome work. I look forward to the book.

What size do you work at with your art? What size do you work with for your storyboards?

TSM said...

Thanks Tiki -- most of the drawings I've been posting lately are 8 X 10" @ 200 dpi. I draw pretty much everything at 50% size in photoshop which when printed is roughly about the same size as on screen.

The storyboards are 1920 X 803 pixels (1:2.39 aspect ratio widescreen) @ 200 dpi.

Jihyun said...

wow~* this one's really cool!