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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure

Next week Bill Presing and myself will be heading to France for a book tour promoting European editions of Rose and Isabel and Rex Steele, published by Akileos. I haven't seen the French edition of R&I yet, but it will be the complete story with a new cover and printed in sepia toned color on the inside. Bill showed me a copy of the Rex Steele BD and it looks fantastic (and comes with a DVD!).

Our tour starts in Paris and then moves to Tours, Angoulême (for the BD festival) and back to Paris. If you live in or are visting France and plan to be at any of these events, please say hi!

Here's our schedule:

On Tuesday January 22nd at 4:00 pm Bill and I will be signing our books at Album Bercy (46, Cour Saint-Émilion in PARIS)

Then Wednesday January 23rd at 3:00 pm We'll be at comic shop Bédélire in Tours.

Thursday January 24th we arrive at Angoulême for the BD festival. We'll be at the Akileos table starting at 1:00 pm. We'll be there for the entire festival until Sunday the 27th.

Back to Paris on Tuesday January 29th at 4:00 pm for a signing at Album Comics (67, Boulevard Saint-Germain)

I'll report back when I return, plus pics of my new studio space.


Anonymous said...


Lucky you. I have been on over 45international business trips but I have never been to Europe.

Based on Chris Appelhan's blog, it appears that he is residing in Paris for the time being. Read his funny Paris stories.


I envy you. Some great wine(Bordeux, Rhone, Burgundy), Some great food, some great comics (Moebius, Kiraz).

Hope that you and Bill have a blast and sell a lot of books.


PS. Unfortunately, the dollar is worth around 50 cents.

Operation GutterBall said...

Good luck!

Louie del Carmen said...


Safe travels to you and Bill and congratulations on both of your french edition books!

..it's like, totally rad duuude...

Monkeyfeather said...

WOW!!! Have a safe, amazing trip and enjoy Angoulême! Look forward to hearing stories when you get back.

Anonymous said...

Kick azz!

I'm sure you're gonna have a great time! Bring back lots of pictures!



Matt J said...

I'll be in Paris on the 29th & hope to swing by Album to meet you guys & pick up your books. A bientot.

Janderson said...

ow! I really like your work. Thanks for sharing this blog.