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Monday, January 07, 2008

Cora in production

While setting up CORA pages for production, I've been writing rules for myself much like I did while making Rose and Isabel. I'm also thinking about progression, not only in the storytelling, but also how CORA relates aesthetically to the Rose and Isabel books.

I'm planning to make CORA more refined in its look, which means creating the panels and balloons with digital tools instead of drawing them freehand. After all, Cora's story takes place 18 years after R&I so it made sense to me to reflect that in the book's presentation. Adding color was another decision to separate it from R&I.

I'm toying with tighter clean-up of the art, but I haven't decided to what level I'm going to do that. I still want to keep the art loose, spontaneous and fast. The in-progress panel above is a bit of a tighter style that I'm trying out.


J said...

Looks great Ted.
I can't wait to see some pages.
Thanks for the kick in the butt!

meredith said...

Already i can tell how much more curvilinear she is- she looks great! different, though i could still pick it out as yours. So awesome!

hey, would you ever think about coming to speak or give a demo at California College of the Arts? im a student/ T.A. there.

samacleod said...

Looks awesome Ted.

bannister said...

Can't wait to read it !!
This panel looks nice !

John S. said...

This looks great. The line is controlled, but still has that spontaneous, loose feel to it. Does it take longer to do?

TSM said...

Thanks everybody.

James - you're welcome!

meredith - I would like to talk if there is interest from your class...are you in SF or Oakland?

MacLeod - thanks man, I was checking out framefilter the other day; thanks for the screen grabs.

bannister - thanks! see you in France.

john - thanks -- yes it takes longer because I am terrible at clean up (and that panel isn't even that clean!). Chances are the book will not look like this because I am running out of time.

andres said...

Beautiful! love her hair and the thin/thick lines.
I am curious, which tablet do you use to draw?

TSM said...

andres - thanks - I use a Cintiq 21UX

Monkeyfeather said...

Looks really good Ted. Love how you handled the design of her hair in this panel. Any time I think about drawing horses, I break into a cold sweat.

Happy New Year!

ansonjew said...

I love the way you handle digital drawing. You seem to maintain a looseness and spontaneity you get even in the "inked" lines. Really inpiring me to do some more drawing.

crylic said...

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the other books, but I have to admit that I have always wondered how good it would look with the lines tightened up just a bit. Now that you've played with that, I gotta say I really love it. You haven't lost any of the life and spontanaity in your previous books, in my opinion. I love the direction Ted, keep it comin'!