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Thursday, January 31, 2008


Hello! I'm back from a great adventure in France. I'm suffering more than expected from jet lag as well as a cold I acquired on the last evening of the trip, so it may be a few days before I get a proper report up. What I can say right now is that it was an incredible experience. Bill and I met so many great folks who were incredibly generous in showing us around and making us feel comfortable. I will post plenty about them as well as details of the festival in Angoulême and a lot more. Stay tuned!


For now here is a photo of some of the stuff I got.


Kristen McCabe said...

Welcome Back. Wow! That's quite a collection. I'm Über jealous.

What are the 5 sketchbooks titled Vatine, August, Cassgrain, Crisse, Bellamy? Are those artists sketchbooks?

I'm looking forward to reading more posts about Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure ...in France.

Monkeyfeather said...

ZING! Look at that loot! NICE!

Welcome back, and feel better!

bannister said...

That's a whole lot of cool books Ted ! I hope you guys had a great trip and enjoyed it.
I'm very happy i could met you there, I had a great time with you guys !

Matt J said...

Good to hear you guys had a most excellent adventure. I couldn't make it to Album in the end-I had a 6pm flight from Orly airport & the 4pm signing was just too close for comfort. Did you guys leave copies of your books with Album? Perhaps the Nice branch can have some sent down.

Looks like you managed to haul some lovely swag back to the US-there's a year's reading there. Did you see Pedrosa's 'Trois Ombres' book?

Nick Sung said...

Hey! Great to hear you guys are back! I can't wait to hear about your trip; it must have been really inspiring. We should all have a book sharing day sometime soon--for reals!

TSM said...

Kristen - yes those are sketchbooks by some really great artists!

John - thanks -- I hope to tell you more about it soon...

Nicolas - it was great to meet you in person -- wish we had more time to hang out - perhaps in San Diego!

Matt - sorry you couldn't make it -- there will be books at the Album St. Germain and Bercy stores.
Trois Hombres is great - didn't pick it up due to space limitations...hope to get it from Stuart Ng

nick - thanks...I'll have a show and tell next week.

benton jew said...

I envy you guys. I'd love to hit Angoulême one of these days. I noticed you picked up a couple of the Benjamin books! That guy is awesome!

herval said...

It was great to meet you, even for a short moment.
And I'm glad to read you've enjoyed your stay in France.
Thanks again for the sketch. Your book is awesome!

TSM said...

benton -- you should totally go - you would love it.
benjamin's work is great -- he's having a show in Paris and I saw a couple of his paintings that were beautifully printed on canvas in preparation for the show.

herval - nice to meet you too! I really like your work. I'm glad you enjoyed the book!