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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

This is awesome

Cate Blanchett costumed up for Indy 4. This Annie Liebowitz photo is a great way to start my 2008. I know Indy 4 takes place more than 100 years later, but anyone who has read Rose and Isabel knows why I like this picture.

Happy 2008 everybody!


Thomas Huxley said...

Haha that is pretty cool. I haven't really been following Indy 4. I'd like it to be as big of surprise as it can really, but thanks for sharing Ted.

OV! said...


steven owes you some royalties for that !

thats a total rip off from your books. haha.

maybe he secretly read them before that character was designed for the film.


bannister said...

haha, awesome. It's exactly her out the book !

TSM said...

Hmm...all of a sudden I don't think it's so awesome anymore....heh.

I did a search for Russian soldier uniforms from the 50's and its amazing how similar they are to the Union soldiers' uniforms from the 1860's.

Matt J said...

Did you read the interview with Spielberg in Vanity Fair? This part is really interesting:

. . . I screened the films back-to-back before I began directing the fourth one. I watch them with my cinematographer. We went down to a screening room here and we saw one a day. . .And Janusz Kaminski wasn’t the cinematographer for the first three. Douglas Slocombe shot the first three Indy films, and his lighting style defined a genre of serialized action adventure. I needed to show them to Janusz, because I didn’t want Janusz to modernize and bring us into the 21st century. I still wanted the film to have a lighting style not dissimilar to the work Doug Slocombe had achieved, which meant that both Janusz and I had to swallow our pride. Janusz had to approximate another cinematographer’s look, and I had to approximate this younger director’s look that I thought I had moved away from after almost two decades.

Rest of interview here: