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Monday, February 11, 2008

Back to Boogie

Now that the Angoulême trip and Annies have passed, it's time to hunker down and finish the first CORA book. I'm already behind schedule and unfortunately may have to make some adjustments to get the book done on time. Below are a couple of rough panels from the intro of the book (that bridges the end of Rose and Isabel to the Cora story). The intro will include bits of R&I's escape from Andersonville, as well as events leading up to Rose's disappearance at the end of R&I. These are still in progress and I haven't found the proper intro yet, but I'm getting there.



Dani said...

Ted, great work as always, and congratulations on all of your recent success!
Way to go in France and at the Annies!!!


bannister said...

Congrats for the Annie !
Can't wait to read Cora !

Mara said...

I just saw you had a blog! that's great! we met in Angoulême, I am also an author published by Akileos.
You've probably answered this question, but is Cora going to be published in french too?
Hope to see you again in some festival!
Superb works!

samacleod said...

Awesome man. Can't wait.

Stef said...

I feel homesick looking at the pictures of Album in Bercy and Saint Michel...
Congratulations Ted!

Matt J said...

Félicitations Ted!!

Monkeyfeather said...