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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Cora WIP

A panel from page 20...still in progress with the color, but I think I've settled into a style for inking the book where I'm most comfortable. It's similar to R&I, maybe a little tighter, and I'm playing around with some texture in the coloring. More to come soon.


LFW said...

hmm, I dunno ted, I reckon you could push that texturing a bit further

but that's just me

the rest of this looks pretty awsome, excellent colours

cheers to you


Sugar said...

I have been looking at some of your Rose and Isabel comics, and I was wondering if you have seen a Japanese Manga called "Full Metal Alchemist". This is probably my favourite comic of all, and your art looks quite similar.

Looks great

Anonymous said...

Interesting design for the soldier with the gun strap do his back. Reminds me of Xian Terra Cotta Warrior.


Ted M said...

LFW - thanks man. Some of the texture dropped out when I converted this to jpeg, but I totally hear what you're sayin. I've been adding more in some of the newer pages.

sugar - I'm not very familiar with that comic, but I'll take a look! Thanks

Charles - the soldier's armor is based on a photo of a Korean warrior I found. I thought it would be cool to blend it with elements of the American west.

Eddy l'angoisse said...

I bought your comics book in French, and I liked much!
See you

bannister said...

Looks good Ted !
Ifw's right, push the extures a little bit, but not too much or it'll ruin your art and mood. Playing with textures is tricky.

Josh Cooley said...

Hurry up and finish this! I want to read it already!

dany boom said...


this looks great. i think you are really in the groove on this project.

i think its significant that some of the textures got lost in the transfer to jpeg. i like ti as it is, and im interested in what turns up full res, but i agree with that guy that too much can be distracting ...

i just found out that there are pen and brush nibs for wacom pens. do you use these ?

im really interested in the brush you use in photoshop also. did you say it was custom ?

any chance you could tell us about it ? share it, even ? i like how your ink line looks like a marker - a bit - but one with a nice flow, like a brush. im intrigued.

great stuff. just great.

scott said...

Hey Ted,
I drop by from to time to time, but never say hi --so hi!
Esp. liking posts on composition..may I use in class?
Angouleme looked amazing...congrats on your publishing successes!


Ted M said...

eddy - thanks! I'm glad you liked the book!

bannister - you're right...I'm working on it!

josh - yes sir!

dany - thanks -- I haven't heard about the brush tips yet but it sounds intriguing to me; maybe more useful for painter than photoshop. I'm really lazy when it comes to using brushes in photoshop -- I like to keep it simple, so the only brushes I'm using are a standard round, an elliptical with a rotation on it and a chalk brush. My goal is to achieve something that looks good without a lot of fancy or custom tools.

Scott - hey man, how's it going? Thanks for dropping by and saying hello. If you want to use the composition examples, give a shout out to the blog for me. I hope to get more stuff like that up here soon. thanks!