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Monday, March 17, 2008

Cora Update: March 17

Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone -- there are 21 pages finished on Cora and 43 to go. Not bad considering mid-May is the estimated ship date to the printer. I'm giving myself 2 weeks before the ship date to fix things: change drawings, re-write dialogue, make color changes and work on the cover which only needs to be tied down a bit.

The American release will most likely be a limited edition of 200 or so and each will be numbered and have a drawing inside. The limited print run may be cost-prohibitive, so that idea isn't set in stone yet but I'll keep you posted. There is also a possibility that the first installment of Cora will have a French release this fall as well.



samacleod said...

Dude, I gotta get a copy...can't wait man.

Anonymous said...

me too! i gots to have me some of that action!
- shiman

Anonymous said...


I admire you for the undertaking of this project and meeting your demands of your day job. It must be difficult.

I forgot to mention why I liked the composition of Cora and the other women on the horses. The subtlety of composition is very compelling. The position of the horse slightly ajar create a feeling giving into the open space. The compositon of Cora with her blond hair flowing in the wind contrast nicely with the more astute and conservative women in the pony tail and hat. The colors contrast but not too much. In short, it is subtle story telling in a one shot which is far more appealing than a McFarlane splash page.


Anonymous said...


One last thing. I wish that there is a spell checker on the blogger. I meant to say "woman" instead of "women"

Drinking too much single malts when writing this blog.


Ted M said...

samacleod - soon you will have one...soon!

shiman - you got it! woo!

charles - I'm doing as much as I can visually to differentiate Cora from Isabel in the scene and I'm glad to hear that is being communicated. Thank you for your observations and easy on that scotch! : )

Eddy l'angoisse said...

I am impatient of reading CORA !
When is the french issue ?