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Sunday, March 02, 2008

CORA update

Here are some of the most recent panels. I feel that I've finally gotten my feet under me regarding the style of the book. I had to move away from trying to reinvent myself while inking the book. I've gone back to the way I was comfortable before, and just trying to tighten the line work a little more. Flat color wasn't jiving with this kind of inking too well for me so I tried to incorporate some texture in the paint.

One of the influences for this was the way that Dave Stewart colors Mike Mignola vs. Guy Davis. He uses flat colors and gradients for Mignola and more blending and texture for Davis. Both methods complement the artists' styles beautifully, so while my stuff is rougher, I think the textured color is the way to go for me.

There is a learning curve here and I'm discovering a lot as I go. Ronnie del Carmen told me when I started the first R&I that I shouldn't worry about the style and that I'll find it and settle in as I go. And he's right again. I'm enjoying drawing the book very much right now, I feel I can focus on the storytelling now without worrying about the style too much.


Anonymous said...

Ohhhh man!

I love the accoutrements on the warrior-type at the door. What does it mean?! Can't wait to find out. Looks great.


LFW said...


yeah, the texturing here is a bit better, using it between colours (dark and light) is always an awsome thing, I think.

But don't just rely on your custom brush, you shouldn't be afraid to just get a normal photo texture, up the contrast etc etc, make it an overlay, you're drawing with realitvely clean slick lines, so some nice rough texture is great to contrast with that, otherwise it might all look too falt.

I'll shut up now, you probably already knew that being the wicked and accomplished artist that you are.

cheers mate, I can't wait to read this when it is done, warrior guy has me interested now

your fan


Dimitri said...


I've just finish to read Rose & Isabel (on his french version published by Akileos), and I love it.
Thank you very much for this book.

Anonymous said...


Awwhhh. You are just teasing us. I like how you worked in the owl motif with those iron medallions. Cannot wait until this book comes out.

Personally, I think that printer and paper quality makes a difference. In the 1st Afterworks book, the paper quality was not very good making some of the illustration look over saturated. It can also change the gamut and density affecting texture of some of the stories. AW2 is much better in this regard. Based on the Bill Presing European edition, they did a fantastic job with the printing.

I still have friends at my former company where we have pre-flight printing capabilities if you are interested.


Ted M said...

Moth - thanks - you will see what they mean..in time!

LFW - Glad you like the warrior; the textures thing is something that I will continue to play with. This is all new to me, so I'm still experimenting.

dimitri- thanks! I'm glad you liked the book!

Charles - yes, they are teaser images...the answers won't be revealed in the first book, but they will be in the next few volumes.

I want to have more control of the printing this time since it's color. I'm looking to print in Canada but I am open to other possiblities; if you have names or numbers can you send them my way? thanks.

Skull said...

Ted - blast from the past from the old neighborhood Email me when you can @ skullfreak2000@aol.com Thanks Joe C.

Munchanka said...

Looking good man, I everyone's work is looking awesome. Nice staging.

Mr Scribbles said...

These panels look AWESOME Ted. I can't wait to see this when it's all done. Your work is psyching me up and givin' me the boost I need to get my own stuff done. Thanks for posting it.

Eddy l'angoisse said...

When could I read Cora in France?

bannister said...

That looks good !
Are you on schedule ? No delay in production ? :-)

Vi-Dieu Nguyen said...

Cool Ted! I like the colors.

Matt J said...

Het Ted, audio interview with Roger Deakins here: