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Monday, March 10, 2008


An image for the week...I'll continue to update on a weekly basis as I make my way through the book. The clean up has been a battle so far due to lots of technical issues, mostly with new equipment and software that don't work together (not to mention all the style issues I've had). I had to revert back to an older computer, older OS, and older version of Photoshop and it has been very frustrating. Sometimes I feel like I should just go back to the traditional method of pen and paper.

It's all about overcoming obstacles in getting these kinds of projects done, whether it's artist's block, loss of inspiration, time constraints, or style or technical issues. But it will get done. That's the imporatnt thing to remember; keep an eye on the finish line...I'm adding pages and re-working the story even though it was laid out months ago, and it's keeping the flame burning. New ideas, new inspiration.


Lee-Roy said...

I'm curious. What were the software/OS/computer problems you were having? As in, what versions or make/model were you using and what did you revert back to? I ask because I'm in the market for a new computer and upgrading some wares and am trying to do some research.

Bob & Rob "Professional American Writers" said...

We're new to your blog and Blogger for that matter. Looks like we can spend a fair amount of time sifting through some great stuff here. Not sure how we got to the site, but glad we found it. Cheers, Bob & Rob

Cooked Art said...

I'm definitely feeling your sentiment - I'm working on a short film right now as well..

Great work by the way!

Anonymous said...


This shot is simply amazing. What I like with the posted scene is that you are taking your previous post of movie inspirations like Robert Ford and Robert Richardson then putting into practice. Bravo and Amazing.

Looks like my previous company does not have the fancy Vutek wide format printers but may have others. I can help at least in setting up pre-flight prints.


Kelly said...

Your color picks here are beautiful. Can't wait to see a bookfull!

Ted M said...

Thanks everyone for your comments!

lee-roy - I bought a new Mac Pro with Leopard installed which results in poor performance when used with Photoshop CS3; jagged stairstepped lines are the result with any hard round brush, which is what I use all the time. The OS is not backwards compatible, so I don't have the option to go back to Tiger, thus making the computer unusable for comic work until an update is available.

cK - Those guys are a big influence. The hard part is how to represent that kind of imagery in graphic form. I'm not sure if the sky will end up being a flat plane of yellow...still mulling that one over.

Anonymous said...

Just awesome --

The color & tones are just right. This is exactly what the light would do if the sun had just set behind those mountains. If you squint your eyes, it could be a live-action film still. Beautiful.

Surmount those problems. Surmount!


MANDREWS said...

Dont give up computers are your friends!!! Looks awesome by the way can't wait to see it all done.

Mandrews out!!!

Anonymous said...

Looks great!

EL GRANDE said...

Great image. I first saw your work in 2005, and I've been a fan ever since.

Will you be at San Diego this year?

Joe y Elio

dany boom said...


i went to the wacom site, thats where i heard about these new nibs.

they sent me to coolgraphicstuff.com, and i ordered some packages - there are 5 in each, and the price is like 4$ or something.

there are nibs that are really good at re creating the tactile feel of a pencil. and there are these spring - loaded deals that recreate the feel of an inky brush.

they say these work well if you put a piece of paper atop your tablet. youll get something nifty, like searle maybe ? as the tip skitters around on the pulpy surface. that wont work if you have one of those screen jobs, what are they called ... anyway, i appreciate you keeping your brushes simple and you are most likely right about them being better in painter. im certainly not telling you to change anything - your art is fantastic and i return to what i do totally inspired and the quality picks right up.

great great stuff,