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Sunday, April 06, 2008

Cora update: April 7

Not much to report. 42 days and 28 pages to go.


Stuart Livingston said...

Awesome man, it looks great!

I just found out about your comic a month or two ago, and its concept has me hooked - and I haven't read a page!

I hope to see you @ comic-con where I'm sure to invest in your product, sir!


Josh Cooley said...

Hurry up and finish, slacker.

I'm sitting here waiting for your book.


Jett said...

I keep looking at this drawing and trying to figure out what it is I like so much about it.

I think the framing is really superb...it gives us JUUUST enough information to make us wanting more.

We see enough of the horse to know she's on it (any more would be overkill)...we see juuuust enough of the mountains without anything else cluttering the environment to let us know she's heading out to a great unknown... and I love that she's looking back and making eye contact with us the viewer and showing confidence as well as a sense of mystery...she knows something we don't.

Really, really nice.

Rather looking forward to the next book and congrats on a bone fide webpage. :)

Jamie Baker said...

I could never do 28 pages in 42 days, even working FULL time. How do you do it while holding down a day job?

Ted M said...

Stu - glad to hear it! See you in San Diego.

Josh - don't let management see you just sitting there waiting...

jett - thanks! The panel is meant to be all about Cora's look and nothing else, which is why the rest of the frame is so minimal. I don't feel I nailed the expression I was going for but it's pretty close.

jamie -It's a balancing act -- I have to cater to both internal voices, the one that says "it's good enough -- move on to the next page" and the other that says "no, the pose isn't right yet, redraw it again".