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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Blog of Note

I just realized that Rose and Isabel has been posted as a blog of note on the Blogger home page!

For those of you who have dropped in via the Blogger link, Rose and Isabel is a 2 part graphic novel that I wrote, illustrated and self-published in 2006. Below is a synopsis and some previews (ordering information is on the right hand side of the blog in the side bar as well as a list of shops that carry the books). I'm currently working on a sequel to the story, which is called Cora.


Rose and Isabel is an American Civil War story about the Callaghan family of West Virginia whose three sons have left home to fight for the Union army. When letters from the brothers stop arriving, the two Callaghan sisters Rose and Isabel take it upon themselves to don the uniforms of union soldiers and leave in search of their missing brothers. The twist to the story is revealed that Rose and Isabel are direct descendants of the Amazons and have been gifted with extraordinary skill in combat.

Some reviews can be found here:

Boing Boing
Indie Spinner Rack (Best of 2006 list)
Indie Spinner Rack (podcast)
Nashville City Paper
The Fourth Rail

Rose and Isabel Part 1 ($8)
64 pages, B&W

Rose and Isabel Part 2 ($15)
160 pages, B&W
Mature readers (contains graphic violence)

Thanks to the folks at Blogger for choosing Rose and Isabel!


Jan 4 Insight said...

Wow, what a great story premise!

Marcelo Braga said...

Congrats for the Blogs of Note. Very well deserved!
Can we find theese books at Amazon?

Mina Jade said...

A lovely idea to write a story in a blog (not as if I want to praise an idea which is practiced by myself, too)!

Great placards.

dgarman said...

Congradulations on being on Blogs of Note. That is actualy how I found your blog. Your story looks very interesting. I am sure I will enjoy reading through your archives.

http://www.travel-lifestyle.com/ said...

Wow! Nice story good job....

Joe Gelb said...

your blog is rediculously good, with that said congratulations on your noted blog and best of luck in the future!

Layla Robin said...

i dont intent to offend. but if you are interested in a different business venture, you can sell mobile wallpapers of Rose and Isabel from my site www.ooober.mobi. amazing artwork and amazing story. waiting for cora

Nerissa said...

wow..congratulations!..it sounds interesting....

Keri said...

what a great idea for a story - and a graphic novel, no less. i really like looking through your progress in this blog - very cool! good luck with the new novel.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I honestly had no idea they had been around that long.


Dori said...

Congratulations on the Blogs of Note nod. You have a beautifully done blog. I love your drawings. They are fab.

All the best,

Ted M said...

thank you all for your comments.

marcelo - the books are self published and at the moment only for sale through the blog and the comic shops and conventions listed in the sidebar.

João Gallo vs Kim Moa said...

Very cool Blog mate! Well done! I think you will like my gallomoa.blogspot.com!


Brett said...

Fasinating to see a work in progress, keep it up it looks fantastic.

Eyom said...

A blog of note, indeed! Keep it up!


That sounds really interesting!
I love this blog, there are lots of lovely little nuggets of information.
I might look up your graphic novel.
Ciao, love your blog


Lyra said...

How many years have you been doing your blog?
And what marcel braga said can wer find the books on Amazon

The Walking Dead said...

Congratulations on Blogs of note

I encourage anyone to visit my blog:
"The Walking Dead" you will not regret it.

Ted M said...

lyra - I started the blog in June of 2005. The books are self published and at the moment are only for sale through the paypal links and the comic shops and conventions listed in the sidebar.

Marie said...

I too have found you through blogs of note and will certainly order your book! Congrats!

Regeneration Corperation said...

Congradulations on being a Blog of Note. Your books sound very interesting!

Patti Binder said...

Congratulations! I'm so glad to see your blog as a blog of note. I love your books-- I posted about them in August on my blog Whats Good for Girls.

San Francisco Photos said...

Congrats on being selected as a Blog Of Note! That's exciting.

Gaby said...

wow, very interesting story... and looking forward to reading more.

petra michelle said...

How do you get this good at blogging?! Years of practice, I suppose. It's inspiring to see what a master blogger can do, and, yet, for someone like me who is so green, it can be intimidating. Thoroughly enjoy your work! The visuals are captivating -- the reason you would be so valuable at a major animation studio. Continued success! Petra
P.S. How does one use the, is it, the "blog roll?"

Ian said...

Cool graphic novel. I think I need to get my hands on one. Oh yeah, and congrats on Blogs of Note!

The Web is Weird
(My Blog)

Ian Hewitt said...

I did wander over here because of your recent Blog of Note fame but I am glad that I did.

I am a big fan of the British comics scene and I have an entire thread (Future Shock) on my own blog devoted to such - but I know little about the American comics crowd.

I am excited to learn though and I think that your blog might be a good place to start.


musebox said...

Congrats on your Blogs of Note status -- your blog is a work of art!

Rob said...

do you do the illustration too?


Laura said...

I also found your blog through blog of note and I am so excited to purchase Rose and Isabel. I've just recently become interested in graphic novels and have always been an avid history fan. Thanks so much for your work!

Lydia said...

I love the story background and your drawings are magnificent. Thanks for catching us up, those who found you via the Blogs of Note link. Congrats! Did Blogger inform you of this or did you just discover it? I've often wondered.