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Thursday, July 31, 2008

SDCC 08: How to Make a Graphic Novel

Since I didn't have any time to indulge in the full Comic-Con experience this year (I left our table only a handful of times), I've been poking around the web looking for things that I missed out on. One of them was a "How to Make a Graphic Novel" panel that's been reported on by JK Parkin over at Newsarama.

If the subject interests you, I recommend you check out the article. There's a lot of great advice in there and from my experience in storytelling for animation and comics a lot of it is right on the money. The discussion got me wanting to write about my experience while writing and drawing Rose and Isabel and Cora. Once I get my thoughts together and gather all the materials, I'll start to serialize the making of the book on this here blog. Look for post #1 early next week.


Jav said...

Thanks for sharing, I'd be very interested in that.
I didnt get a chance myself to run around the con, and you were a target that i missed...
I've been admiring your work from afar and just ordered all three books... Cant wait.

RAWLS said...

Thanks Ted...Great link. Would be nice to hear your advice as well. I missed con this year, but I'm planning on being there next year. Great work my friend.

cup o jo said...

cool link. I like the laundry list idea. I'll look out for your "how to".

sucks about Man Ram!!