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Monday, January 19, 2009

Back on the Horse

After a year of technical difficulties and resultant issues described in the last post, I'm settling in to my new studio space and getting ready to start hammering out book two of Cora. Photoshop CS4 is great so far, especially since it's working with the multi core Intel Mac.

On the first Cora book, I used a brush that varied opacity based on pen pressure. I went to look for that in CS4 and found it missing, because it's been BUILT IN TO THE BRUSH! This is great news. The brush has an even better feel than it did before. The building up of lines feels much more natural too.

More updates are coming as I get going. Thanks to everyone out there for all your support of the books and on the blog.



justdoodleit said...

Fantastic stuff on your blog. Very inspiring work.

Omar "OX" Rodriguez said...

thats good news about the brush, and about you just being awesome.

mr poulpe said...

oh damn!!
were you in arludik in paris for the exhibition of "three trees make a forest"??
cause i think i saw you but remember too late who you are...
i wish i can talked a bit with you, hope an other time!!
thanks to share your amazing work!

galvinator said...

Brilliant teaser! Really looking forward to the next issue man. Good to see you rediscovered your muse!

GeeBee said...

Hi from Tours, France, Ted !
Will there be a french edition of Cora, with Akileos ?



Ted M said...

Hi GeeBee - Book one of Cora was released by Akileos last fall. If you don't see it at your local shop (I'm guessing it's Bédélire), please ask them for it!

GeeBee said...

Oops, sorry Ted, it came under my radar and I missed it !
Good guess for Bedelire ;o)