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Monday, March 23, 2009


A work in progress page from book 2 of Cora. This is the level I've been working at for the rough layout of the pages. It's in this phase that I do a lot of visual "thinking"...trying things out in a loose and fast manner that is visual instead of just words on a page. I'll slug in temp dialogue that gives an idea of what needs to be said, but mainly I try to let the visuals tell the story as much as possible.

Portions of the book (like book 1 of Cora and Rose and Isabel) will be told without words. It's a kind of storytelling I like a lot. I like to let the dialogue back up the visuals, not the other way around. This particular sequence requires some dialogue, but only enough to emphasize what I hope to tell visually.

15 pages left to lay out, then back to the beginning to make changes before starting the next pass of (tighter) roughs.


Sam Ellis and MissleMan said...

Man, Ted I can't wait to see you finish Cora, I recently purchased your book, and flew through them, and went through them again, some really great visuals and some really moving stuff. I am anxious to find out who the stranger at the door was, and what happened to ______ I wont spoil it for any one who hasn't read it yet, but I will say it is worth every penny.

This new page looks nice I noticed the bow behind the counter hanging up and I wonder if Cora has "IT" too.

Any how keep cranking the pages, and I am going to send you some fan art.

Sam Ellis

JOSE LOPEZ said...

Hi Ted,

Just wanted to say your pages are incredible.

Thanks for sharing.


bentonjew said...

Geez, these are beautiful layouts! The lighting and angles...you can practically see the movie version.

Great work as usual!

Ev said...

I love seeing your WIP stuff. I find it super helpful/insightful. Finished Cora 1 and I can't wait for the second one. Awesome stuff man.

dany boom said...

these are BEYOND SUPER.

i too love a look at the process. and i love rough stuff. and i especially love that the qualities of a rough stay intact in your final pages, namely life, and vigor, and sound structure ...

ted. there is something i am not doing. i can make bent wire lines no problem. what is your secret to the fine, tapered line in photoshop ?

more care and attention ? using a bigger brush but pressing, delicately ? a superfast machine ? its killing me i cant raise my game in photoshop the way i might want to.


Ted M said...

Thanks everyone!

Sam -I look forward to your version!

Dany - have you tried fine tuning your brush in the brushes palette? There is a selection called shape dynamics which when turned on, gives you a tapered line. I'm drawing in CS4, which also lightens and darkens the line according to pen pressure. The Cintiq 21UX has additional sensitivity too (although I'm not sure how it compares with other tablets).
Hope that helps!

Sam Ellis and MissleMan said...

Ted, I sent you my w.i.p. via email.

I hope we get to see more of the bounty hunter with the eastern flare and fetish for owls in the future.''

Sam Ellis

Pacha Urbano said...

I really love to follow your creative work process.

dany boom said...

im a few generations behind and i draw with a wacom tablet.

but shape dynamics.

man that was it. thanks for sharing you process, your art, and also your tips. thanks so much.

MANDREWS said...

Looks awesome Mathotman!!!!keep going. Can't wait to have the entire story in one heavy set volume to hold in my very hands.

Mandrews out!

OV! said...


very nice layouts!

"roughs" huh?

ok now you're making me feel bad. those there aint roughs, them is pretty nice...you can print those as is.


Mark said...

This is looking really cool.. I love the life to it.