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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

CORA2 update 5/26/09

Zeroing in on getting all the pages cleaned up and ready for paint...this can be a tricky time because it's the last opportunity to do last minute changes before committing to color and final pages.

I just recently decided to rework the last few pages of part 2 because I sort of "phoned it in", mostly due to lack of research material relating to the scene. I found some reference the other day and wrestled with myself whether to redo the pages, two of which were finished already. Better judgement won out, because 1.) the scene is more historically accurate (to some degree at least) and therefore, more interesting and 2.) My conscience is satisfied because I did the right thing. "Do the hard work" is a good motto when producing work that you want to be 100% honest with. I see lots of work out there (esp. in the motion picture business) that is lacking in honesty -- much of this stuff is released during the summer months. wink wink.

I always try my best to be 100% honest with my characters because they are the story. They are going to have moments of pause, of strength, and of weakness; they are going to have moments of triumph as well as failure; they are going to make mistakes and hopefully learn from them. They are going to emote; they will be proud, and at times stubborn. This is how people are. The tough part is getting to the core of what makes people people and representing that on the comic page. A difficult task indeed but worth the hard work.


kalonji said...

can wait to read your book !!!old tight bro ;-) good work

kalonji said...

there is no doubt that you are 100% honest with your art,and the way you know how to make us feel the different characters,through the story.you give so much of natural and life into your characater,i'm still admire the sensibility of the first book rose and isabel,wich is for me a great lesson in term of storytelling and atmosphere.

thanks for sharin your art



ccna said...

Hey, you have a great blog here! I'm definitely going to bookmark you!

Octavio E. Rodriguez said...

looks great, can't wait also!

:::Julia Lundman::: said...

it is one thing to entertain and it certainly has it's place. but what endures is the truth of what it is to be a human being experiencing life, and i think people are more compelled to stories of that kind.

i really admire your intention here and appreciate the thoughtful work you are doing. these pages look pretty great without color, too!

i can't wait to read these!

Jeremy Spears said...

Hey man, I can't wait for this!!! I'll be at Comic Con to pick me up a copy!