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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Down to the wire

The date for Cora Part 2 to be delivered the printer is rapidly approaching. June 15th is the day that all material has to be uploaded. It's an intense time and I'm still scrambling a bit trying to get the book done. The B&W pages have gone out to a couple of folks for notes and I'm busy incorporating those as well. It's really important to me that I share what I'm working on and get opinions and suggestions from others. For me it's not good to work in a total vacuum.

The panel below is an homage to Norman Rockwell. I grew up with books of his stuff around the house and the panel is based on a painting of his that has stuck with me over the years. In designing the old man's home for the Cora book, the image kept coming back to me as a source of inspiration. It is one of my favorites of his; I love the layering of space in the Rockwell -- looking through a window and through one room into the next where activity is taking place; dark is played against light, where the light (and active) area is a significantly smaller portion of the composition. There is also a bit of Rosemary's Baby influence in the panel below, from the shot when Mia(?) is on the phone and her face is hidden from view. I can't find a still of it at the moment, but will upload it once I find one.


Yaxin said...

great, great ambient you delivered here in the scene,
perfect use of your different inspirations.
chapeau ^-^

:::Julia Lundman::: said...

I think it's a pretty nice panel. I love the layering as you mentioned. The composition makes me want to look at each part and think about the contents of the room and the person living there.

I know the shot you're referring to of Mia! Awesome - yeah I think you got it! Nice work Ted. hang in there!

Sam Ellis and MissleMan said...

Great homage, one of my favorite NR images.

Tang said...

Love the contrast between light and dark.

BTW, I think you're mistaken about the Rosemary's Baby scene, if I recall correctly it was Ruth Gordon on the telephone, not Mia Farrow. Or maybe I'm mistaken.

Is there any plans of a hardcover Rose and Isabel in the near future?

Anonymous said...

Yowza! Great work! But what are you doing hunting down Norman Rockwell .jpgs on the Web? You got a book to finish! :)


Anonymous said...


I hope the best for you. I am sure that the end product will be outstanding as your previous work. Also, thank you for sharing the creative process. It is a rare thing for artists reveal in inner workings of their craft. It takes a lot of guts.

take care,


sonoferek said...

It's looking good, can't wait.

benton jew said...

This is a great panel! Beautiful work!

The the scene you referenced about Rosemary's Baby is discussed in the documentary "Visions of Light: The Art of Cinematography"

kalonji said...

c'est mortel mec ;-)

henry yu said...

aw yeah man can't wait to read part 2! are you going to have them at comicon again?