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Monday, June 22, 2009

R&I technical issues

Blogger is failing to redirect the R&I blog to the custom URL roseandisabel.com, so for the time being I have moved the address back to roseandisabel.blogspot.com (roseandisabel.com is not accessible at this time). It has been almost a week and Blogger has not fixed the problem, so I'm looking into Wordpress (and potentially getting an actual site up and running), so please stay tuned.

UPDATE: (6/23) Redirect has been fixed.



Gulzar said...

I'ev so fallen in love with your work...

Its briiliant Ted :)

Ahhh! The blogger community folks never get back...sadly!
yep! wordpress is far better...

If you get the time do drop into my blog as well...would love to hear from man of such talent...

Warm greetings all the way from India

TikiAnimator said...

Hi Ted,

Love the work. Look into Squarespace. You can import blogger right into squarespace or you can create an easy site through their site.

Anonymous said...

anyways, im just waiting to see when CORA 2 is available for purchase! :)