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Monday, August 03, 2009

Der Baader Meinhof Komplex

It looks like the film I mentioned way back in this post is finally coming to US theaters. Well, NYC and LA at least. Hopefully there will be more cities to come.

"Meh" US trailer here.
Way better German trailer here.


de aap said...

I saw it this week. It is out on DVD already, over here in Amsterdam. (But, hey, we're waiting till october to see Up...)

It is a very good movie. Though it is all really serious and harsh. It's a film that makes you think about the use of violence.

I also saw the first part of Public Enemiy No. 1, a French film with Vincent Cassel. It was pretty good too.

Both these films are about the 60's/ 70's and they both look fantastic.

G1toons said...

looks interesting i remember enjoying downfall, really well made movie

MANDREWS said...

I prefer the american trailer to the german one actually. In the German one it shows to much. The american version is more intriguing. Of course the music for the trailer is typical but that not withstanding its better shorter and sweater.

I'll see the movie none the less

Mandrews out

kalonji said...

can wait to see der baader meinhof komplex.
am very curious...

no doubt i'm sure it will be a very good movie...talkin about this movement who are really famous here in europe,like the red brigade in italy during the seventies.

by anymeans necessary ...well violence for sure is a nature who sleep in any one of us.
what we do about it is a question for allof us.