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Saturday, August 08, 2009

Looking for a New Printer

After an unfortunate experience with the Canadian print company that had done all 4 of my books, I'm on the lookout for a new print shop; one that will be able to deliver quality books at a reasonable price and also have an interest in small print runs and customer satisfaction.

Rose and Isabel part 2 is sold out and needs to go into a second printing soon. CORA 3 is in production and I'm hoping to have the book ready for WonderCon or Emerald City 2010, and CORA 4 ready for release in the fall of 2010. I'm also prepping a story for AFTERWORKS 3, due next year as well.

These personal projects will not see the light of day without a great printer to bring them to life...suggestions are welcome in the comments section. Thanks.


Anthony Holden said...

I don't know who you've been printing with up north, but I know Paul Briggs and the fellers at Disney went with Transcontinental (also based out of Canada), and they've come highly recommended. I don't know if that helps, but I thought I'd throw it out there.

disneynorth said...

Sorry to hear about your printer issues. But I am happy to hear about Cora 3 & 4 and Afterworks 3. You can make sure I will be ordering copies of all 3 books.

Ted M said...

Hi Anthony, I think I may have recommended them to Paul for Rocket Johnson. Transcontinental prints smaller jobs a sister company Metrolitho, who I was using.

My last experience was very bad, which is the reason I'm moving on. I had hoped that after doing 4 books with them I would have a reliable relationship but that was not the case.

disneynorth - thanks and I appreciate your support of the books!

rico said...

I run a digital press at a print shop. I'd love to see if we could do something for you! Send us an email with your book specs and the print run you're looking to have done and tell me if we can help! http://indigoinkprint.com/

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to hear that you had such a horrible experience.
I work for a printing company, Continental Press in sales.We are located in Toronto. Email the specifications to me and I would be glad to put a quote together for you.

Littleberu said...

Quebecor is (or was) handling pretty much all the printing of comics from Marvel and DC Comics IIRC.

You could try, but it's still in Canada (if there ever was an issue with Transcontinental being in Canada).

Good luck!

JMatte said...

Hmm. Sad to hear things went bad with Transcontinental. I've been doing business with them without problems for a while.

How about Lebonfon? They are one of their closest competitor.

Christena said...

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Jamie Baker said...

I hope that you can find someone to print your stuff Ted!

Anonymous said...

I own a print company in Maryland. We are called Indigo Ink. We only do small print runs. We do work for many in comic industry. I geek out every time we print for the big cons. Look at our web page www.indigoinkprint.com
Our pressman works as a colorist for the comic industry so he loves printing this type of work. I love your blog. Call us if you still need a printer. Thanks, Rob