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Monday, April 20, 2009

Second pass (UPDATE 4/23)

The layout (first pass) of CORA book 2 is almost finished. In this first pass, all of the layouts are drawn, a lot of the dialogue is written, and pacing issues are worked out (for the most part). In the second pass, the layouts are refined, rough color ideas are laid down in preparation for the final clean up and painting phase; dialogue is re-written, layouts modified and the storytelling and shot selection are pushed.

Below is the first page of the new book, showing the first (layout) pass and the second (rough) pass. The first pass was merely the idea of an owl over a black background. For the second pass the positioning of the owl has changed and the black background has changed to color with a graphic accent in the left corner. This is close to the image that will be tied down for the final.

UPDATE: directly below is the final page. There is still an issue for me to resolve with the bottom left side of the owl; I'll choose whether or not to address this later after the pages are all finished.


second pass

first pass

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Closing in

I have 3 pages left for layout and dialogue and then finishing will start on book 2 of Cora (actually, there is a 6 page intro to a new character that needs to be figured out that I'm saving for later that will open book 2). I've been having a lot of fun writing the story and working with the new characters. More updates and images coming soon.

6 1/2 weeks to go.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Emerald City Con & page layout

Derek Thompson and I will be exhibiting at the Emerald City Comic-Con this weekend in Seattle at Booth #606 under the name E-VILLE PRESS. I'll have all 3 of my books (ROSE and ISABEL 1&2, CORA 1) and Derek will have his MONSTER ANNUALS as well as Storyboarding DVDs and original art. Swing on by and say hello.

Here's one of the latest rough layouts for part 2 of Cora. I'm getting a chance to write some fun dialogue here which I'm enjoying. More to come soon.