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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Breaking Upwards

I just saw the indy comedy Breaking Upwards, a film reminiscent of times before the hideous terms "rom-com" and "dramedy" were invented...when comedies that dealt with relationships were smart AND funny (and I'm talking character-based funny, not the garbage-pail, lowest-common-denominator humor you see in most comedies now). I'm a fan of Woody Allen relationship comedies of the 70's (Annie Hall, Manhattan) and wouldn't even think of seeing the films that pass as romantic comedies these days. Rumor has it the film was made for $15,000 but it looks like a lot more than that on the screen. Zoe Lister Jones is fantastic and Julie White and Andrea Martin are especially good in supporting roles.

Smart independent films like these need support. They need to succeed in secondary markets like SF to get wider distribution. Breaking Upwards opens this weekend at the Lumiere in SF. Check your local art-house theatre for showtimes and go see it!

Breaking Upwards Movie Trailer from Breaking Upwards on Vimeo.

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Anson Jew said...

The list of things that can be allowed to be filmed for a mainstream movie has been steadily shrinking for years, and the list of "offenses" that will get you tossed into the art house "ghetto" has been steadily growing. Older comics fans may recognize this pattern; if the current trend continues, look for this phrase to appear in the general lexicon: "non-superhero movie". An even worse scenario is where "non-superhero movie" is completely interchangeable with "artsy fartsy movie".

That said, I think it's great that these filmmakers were able to achieve this amount of polish for the amount of money they spent.