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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

CORA3, R&I and Comic-Con 2010 updates

It was a difficult decision to make, but I will not be attending Comic-Con in San Diego this year. I've chosen to continue work on Cora 3 and will have an 80 page book ready for fall of 2010 (in time for the APE show in San Francisco).

The Rose and Isabel Collected Edition had a very limited initial run of 100 books early this year (which are long gone) but the next 900 books in the edition are being readied at the printer in Canada. I hope to have them in May or June, and will post here (and FB/Twitter) as soon as they are available.

CORA 3: Here is a rough page from the new book (in progress). I'm really excited about the new book and how it's shaping up. Thanks for your support and patience in waiting for the books to be finished. More images to come soon.


OV! said...

man, your layouts are so awesome. you should put out a "making of" book.


Rob A. said...

Maybe this will let you save enough cash to go to OIAF!
I can't wait for Cora!!!!!

Octavio E. Rodriguez said...

Loooking great!

joefeinsilver said...

Great blog!

ContrarianZombie said...


Ever considered doing the whole book using traditional tools ( especially crow-quill nibs)? A book with the Civil War as a backdrop literally screams for details.

The pages still looks great though.

benton jew said...

Love the page. I really like the feel of the old barn. Great angles!

Ned said...



Louie del Carmen said...

Ted we're all gonna miss you in San Diego. Cora 3 is looking amazing. See you at APE in October!