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Wednesday, December 01, 2010

CORA 3 and beyond...

CORA3 will be hopefully be released in 2 formats next year.

The first format will be as an 80-page stand-alone book, and the other will be as part of a 180 page graphic novel of the first three CORA books. There is also something in the works for a French release of C2 and C3, so keep an eye out for that.
CORA 1,2 and 3 as individual issues will most likely not be reprinted.

The reasoning behind this is that the CORA books are almost cost-prohibitive as the print runs are 1000 units (or more) each. When I sell out of one book, I have to reprint another 1000 (to keep reprint costs down) which creates an imbalance between the different volumes (it's like the ratio of hot dogs to hot dog buns when you buy them in the store...they never really match up).

New CORA3 character, Elizabeth

SO...it looks like individual issues of CORA may become a thing of the past. As I move forward, individual issues could be offered as digital downloads, while the printed versions will be longer graphic novels.

This can all change of course, but so far this is my plan in moving forward with CORA's saga.


LFW said...


but I can see the reasoning behind this, so ya gotta do what's best I guess.

But man, I cannot wait for cora 3! WHAT will HAPPENS?!?!?!

Ev said...

Yup! Running into a similar scenario. Still, I'm excited for Cora 3.

Sanjuro said...

My first thought was "oh, I absolutly have to get Cora 3, the french albums and the 180 pages novel"
On second thought, that's exactly what I'll do :)
Cheers from your fan in Abu Dhabi ^^

kalonji said...

I'm down with sanjuro, i absolutly have to get also Cora 3 !! can wait. ^^

Anonymous said...

The Graphic Novel format of all three books is the way to go!!

Freckles said...

Nice art!! The comic looks really interesting...